The 14th Abuja International Housing Show slated for the 21ST – 24TH July, 2020 promises to be bigger than ever, convening a basket of opportunities to discerning businesses and individuals. Here are 18 benefits waiting to be reaped by participants of this year’s event;

1. THE BIGGEST HOUSING EVENT: The award winning Abuja International Housing Show has grown to become the biggest housing event in Africa bringing a collection of values to participants over the years. Participants gain benefits in proximity access to all of the best business, networking, conference events and products and services, all in one place.

2. CEO CONFERENCE: The Abuja International Housing Show hosts the most influential built industry Executives and Directors at its CEO Conference. The CEO Conference is an exclusive one day event which fosters business and bonding opportunities between public and private sector CEOs within the sector. Participants benefit by drawing a wealth of wisdom and networking with some of the industry’s most prominent CEOs.

3. SPEAKERS: The Abuja International Housing Show unleashes the most prolific international and local speakers, thinkers and innovators from the most prominent global agencies, African housing foundations and housing associations and corporations. Participants benefit from the latest in new thinking, knowledge and insight from the best minds, academics and innovators across sectors.

4. TOP GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS: With the strong impact of the public sector in the built and construction industry, government officials spearheading policy implementation will be fully represented at the Abuja International Housing Show. From the Vice President, Senate President, Ministers and politicians. Exhibiting businesses benefit from a one on one meet and greet with officials to boost business growth.

5. REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS NETWORK: The Show draws the creme de la creme of the real estate developers network, housing corporations, housing ministries and housing foundations across Nigeria, Africa and the Diaspora. Participants expand their prospects for business success through linkages within a hosts of these groups to grow their businesses and access brand new opportunities in real time.

All relevant professional bodies across the built industry value chain are represented at the Abuja International Housing Show, bringing relevant updates in building procedures to ensure continuity in construction operation standards. Participants benefit by having direct access to the best professionals to deliver premium expectations on top notch projects.

7. INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: The Abuja International Housing Show is a melting pot of the most extensive line up of industry professionals as participants glean insights from a cross section of the most diverse fields. These professionals range from interior decorators, architects, engineers, builders, developers, consultants, inventors, environment impact assessment experts, building tech experts, researchers, academics etc.

8. HOTTEST TRENDS IN HOUSING: The hottest industry trends shaping the future of housing including construction, building design, technology, software etc. will be on display at the 13th Abuja International Housing Show. Individual and business participants will be granted a preview into new ideas and insights transforming the industry in the 21st century.

9. BUSINESS NETWORKING: This laudable event is a platform for the networking and interaction of business to business and business to consumers companies, increasing partnership and collaboration among complementary businesses across the built industry value chain. The Abuja International Housing Show has proven to be a connector of company to company collaborators and is set to once again be a platform for the launch of this benefit.

10. BIGGEST COMPANIES: The biggest companies in building and construction services are a staple at the Abuja International Housing Show, showcasing the best in quality products and services. Participants get direct access to decision makers on distribution rights across local and global regions.

11. AUDIENCE: An average total of over 30,000 attendees have been recorded live at the Abuja International Housing Show. These are joined by audiences numbered in tens of thousands connecting to the show from across the world through streaming platforms including YouTube, Facebook and the AIHS website. Exhibiting businesses benefit in optimum exposure from this huge audience base which grows by 10 percent annually.

12. WIDEST ARRAY OF HOUSING PRODUCTS & SERVICES: The widest array of building products and services will be on display at the Abuja International Housing Show. Participants benefit through interactions with producers, manufacturers and importers to build value for private and public developments.

13. MASSIVE DISCOUNTS: The biggest annual discounts from the biggest product and service companies are recorded and delivered at the Abuja International Housing Show. Developers and buyers can enjoy up to 50% discounts on selected services that meet their specific needs.

14. HOUSING FINANCE: As always, the show brings together, local and international finance institutions, housing finance platforms, investors and opportunities in project funding to enable housing development agencies, companies, organisations and individuals access critical funding opportunity and information to grow and power projects.

15. AFFORDABLE TO LUXURY HOUSES: Participants are accorded first hand experience of all kinds of houses, ranging from the most luxurious to the most affordable. The show congregates the most consumer sensitive developers, providing mortgage friendly housing to individuals, families and cooperatives across Nigeria.

16. MEDIA COVERAGE: Hosted by Fesadeb Media Group, owners of Housing Development Program on AIT, Channels TV, NTA and DSTV, Housing Times on RayPower and Housingnews, an online Housing content curation platform, the Abuja International Housing Show provides an unprecedented exposure record for exhibiting organisations through print, electronic and digital media channels reaching an average of 5 million viewership annually. This leverage is enhanced to impact all attending businesses at the Show.

17. TECHNOLOGY: This year, the Abuja International Housing Show will feature the latest in proptech software to enhance building development advantages, giving participants a preview into how technology will influence buildings of the future.

18. MEET INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPERS: Investors in international assets have the opportunity to meet and interact with property developers across the world’s major cities including Dubai, New York, UK, Amsterdam, Atlanta, California, Japan etc.

The 14th Abuja International Housing Show is enhanced to deliver these benefits and much more to all participating segments this year. Mark your calendar. Don’t miss this annual opportunity.