the aihs CEO Forum


The AIHS CEO Forum

The AIHS CEOs Forum is the largest platform for networking, interacting, and exchanging ideas among leaders in the real estate and construction sector across Africa. It is powered by Africa International Housing Show which is held annually.

The annual AIHS CEOs forum is where the leaders in Africa’s housing and construction industry meet to interact, network, and discuss the latest trends in the sector. It is strictly meant for executives from the level of general manager and above.

Over 200 business leaders, investors and policy makers from Africa and around the world meet at the annual conference of the AFRICA REAL ESTATE CEO FORUM, the largest international conference of the African housing and construction private sector. Three days of conferences, debates and high-level meetings dedicated to highlighting the driving role of the private sector and government in the development of affordable housing.

Why participate in the annual conference of the AFRICA REAL ESTATE CEO FORUM?

Access high-level networking with the continent’s leading CEOs and decision makers.

Seize new business opportunities in an environment conducive to transactions.

Benefit from the analysis of executives and consultants from leading firms to guide or reinforce your strategy for effective housing delivery.