Inspiring Testimonies About Abuja international housing show

The Abuja International Housing Show is also an avenue to be inspired, either as a professional or a budding entrepreneur or just a random participant.

A lot of people often share testimonies about how they have gotten relevant information that is specific to solving their business and career struggles from attending the event.

Such segments often lift the spirit of dreamers and it is always a catalyst for instant growth because one will be exposed to perspectives that they weren’t privy to initially.

Obviously, the well calculated designs and events that makes the AIHS the largest and most successful are inexhaustible. This is where stakeholders discover best practices and new methods for improving efficiency in all areas of the home with construction demos led by top building science experts. It is where global housing enthusiasts connect with like-minded professionals and industry experts in workshops, round-table discussions and networking events.

So far, the event has been able to help achieve reasonable level of housing affordability, access to mortgage options and market growth for relevant stakeholders and clients in the housing and construction industry. The show’s projection to significantly improve the housing deficit in Nigeria, Africa and the world is still very potent and plausible.