Africa’s biggest housing and construction show – Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) has reached a strategic partnership agreement with Shelter Afrique – Africa’s foremost finance institution offering exclusive support to the housing sector through financing and advisory, creating outstanding impact by meeting the needs of the continent’s rapidly growing urban population.

The partnership between the two significant organisations in Africa’s housing environment is to harness the latent potentials in the sector to create more opportunities for collaboration among stakeholders and the delivery of affordable housing for all.

According to the MD and CEO of AIHS, Festus Adebayo it is imperative for the two leading institutions to forge a strategic partnership that will bring continental players in the industry together to fashion a deliberate roadmap for achieving common goals, which is affordable housing and advocacy.

The partnership, he said, will expand collaboration and idea exchange between industry leaders across Africa, fostering growth opportunities in affordable housing finance, policy development and implementation.

Shelter Afrique Partners AIHS to Co-host 14th Edition

The partnership will see Shelter Afrique mobilise African and global institutions, CEOs and speakers to be a part of AIHS and contribute to the ongoing conversations and activities geared towards the financing of affordable housing in Africa.

Adebayo said AIHS is partnering with Shelter Afrique because they acknowledge the significant approaches adopted by Shelter Afrique in achieving their goals and objectives, building strategic partnerships and inspiring hope for the continent just like AIHS.

The Abuja International Housing Show will hold its 14th edition in 2020. For over a decade the show has become the choice destination for all ranking players and corporations in the industry to learn, network and exhibit innovative products.

Home seekers usually rely on the show to access the multiple home ownership opportunities in the market and make their choices. This partnership will only extend the frontiers of already sustained success stories.