Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi

Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi

SpecialityCo- founder/ CEO, Moabiagroup

With over 22 years’ affordable housing operational experience in France, Brazil and Sub-Saharan Africa, Delphine Sangodeyi has the proven ability to conceptualize and manage development and redevelopment of large-scale affordable housing.

She is primarily responsible for providing strategic and operational advice for housing and infrastructure development, for national and international programs. She has worked as an expert for UN Habitat, African Development Bank on affordable housing development in Sub-Saharan Africa and also advises various real developers in Africa to deliver affordable and sustainable housing.

Benefiting from 12 years operational and strategic experience in Urban Renewal, a successful experience with managing a program representing over 1.7 billion euros for 56 projects, she is today the Director of Urban Renewal for Action Logement. Action Logement is the main financier of the National Agency for Urban Renewal in France.

The New National Program of Urban Renewal represents 10 billion euros of subsidies and subsidised loans aiming to improve housing and services in 480 neighborhoods in France as well as their access to transportation. It represents a good reference to solve housing challenges in Emerging Countries, particularly in Africa, due to the challenge of providing affordable housing in quantity and quality.

Dr. Delphine Sangodeyi is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Real Estate Strategy and Finance with the Institute of Polical Sciences (Sciences Po) and she holds a certificate in Real Estate Finance from the National School of Real Estate Finance (ENFI) in Paris.

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