Nouzha Bouchareb

Mrs Nouzha Bouchareb

SpecialityMoroccan Minister for Housing & Urban Development

Mrs. Nouzha Bouchareb holds a Ph.D. from Mohammadia School of Engineering (EMI) specializing in environment and territorial development. She graduated from “ISCAE” (Higher Institute of Commerce and Business Administration) and is a laureate of the University Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco specializing in water resources management. She is also a graduate of the German Leadership Academy in public management and leadership.

As executive director of a group of companies specialized in consulting and engineering, she has been a consultant for many departmental administrations in conducting strategic studies and sector development programs. She has also consulted for international institutions and NGOs in the field of sustainable development, the fight against pollution, management and the development of water resources, and climate change.

Mrs. Nouzha Bouchareb is vice-president of the Scientific Council of the Mediterranean Climate House (MMC), president of the Connecting Group International network which works to empower women in institutions, a member of the political office of the Popular Movement Party, and president of HARAKIE, a women’s organization.


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