What is most attractive for hundreds of product exhibitors that participate in the Abuja International Housing Show is the countless benefits like the opportunity to introduce new products to the housing and construction industry market and meet exciting buyers with purchasing power.

The AIHS usually host many stands owned by several organisations and brands seeking to introduce their new products and ideas to prospective buyers, clients and investors. The registration platform provides opportunity slots for such brands to book in advance and reap the benefits that come with partnering with the largest Housing Show in Africa.

In past years, we have seen exhibition of contemporary-modern roof designs, home and office furniture and all kinds of latest innovation in building technology.

The Abuja International Housing Show helps to stimulate the building and construction industry, in terms of design-led housing solutions, and high quality home-grown materials and products which are always in presentation.

Also, given that the convener of the Abuja International Housing Show is the promoter of Housing TV, housing development program showing on stations like AIT, TVC and NTA, housing time on Ray power and owner of the largest housing news portal, and not mentioning the live coverage on all social media platforms; it’s a guarantee that participants and exhibitors will get optimum publicity at almost no cost.

The show is attended by about 40, 000 participants from Nigeria and at least 15 countries. There is no bigger and better platform for exhibitors to market and sell their products than the Abuja International Housing Show.

The show also opens doors of sponsorship and partnership for exhibitors as they meet with buyers, clients and investors who will take interest in their products and offer to invest or partner with them. In essence, the show helps exhibitors gain new customers whose patronage will even outlast the show.

Also, for many exhibitors, the show offers them the opportunity to advance their business ideas and be inspired by the products of other exhibitors in order to promote industry competitiveness. It is a mutually beneficial event for all exhibitors.